I love being a quilter and I have the best job there is: teaching people how to quilt. I came to quilting in a round-about way, and never looked back. After 40 years I still find it exciting, exhilarating, and incredibly satisfying. Quilting has given me the opportunity to create, invent, share, and meet wonderful people.

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Twisted Sisters is BACK!
After a long absence and a total revision, I am delighted to re-introduce my best selling quilt pattern ever! It's totally upgraded and expanded so you can make a slew of new quilts with the same template. Plus, there's a special upgrade opportunity if you already have the original pattern and template.
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Ami's Amazing Puzzle Ball is my newest pattern. Make it out of plush fabrics, quilting cottons, denim, corduroy---just about anything works. The best part is that the Amazing Puzzle Ball comes apart and goes back together again! Get your pattern here!

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"I am a quilter, so this website was like my birthday and Christmas all wrapped together. I found items I never knew existed. The icing on the cake was Ami Simms' wonderful sense of humor. Great place to shop and a chuckle or two as well. What more could you ask for!"
Debra Longobardi
Phoenixville, PA